How to Use Google for Calendars But Yahoo! for Mail, Contacts on iPhone


My post last week about merging Google Contacts generated a related question from Dave Zatz, because although he’s very content with Yahoo! (s yhoo)for mail and contacts, he’s interested in using Google Calendar (s goog) for events on his iPhone (s aapl). Surely you can’t mix and match among these on a single device, right? Actually, it turns out that you can do this thanks to the magic of Google Sync.

Yahoo! Mail synchronization is easy enough to set up directly on the iPhone. Simply hit “Settings”, “Mail, Contacts Calendar”, “Add Account” and choose the Yahoo! Mail option. To get Yahoo! Mail contacts on the iPhone, you need to work through iTunes with your iPhone connected to your PC or Mac. Just tap your iPhone in the left side of iTunes and choose the Info tab. Under contacts, you’ll see an option to sync contacts with your Yahoo! Address Book. Select it and enter your Yahoo! credentials when prompted.

Bear in mind that this method won’t synchronize your Yahoo! Address Book over the air with an iPhone — you’ll still need to connect the handset to your computer via USB. If you do want a wireless contact sync, I’d consider using Google Contacts with Google Sync.

OK, that takes care of the Yahoo! Mail and Contacts, but what about those Google Calendar events? For that, you’ll need to configure a new account under “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” on the iPhone. This time, however, you’ll set it up as a Microsoft Exchange account. Follow these simple steps to enter your account credentials, which should take all of three minutes. Once you have the credentials in place, you can then choose which Google information you want to wirelessly sync to your iPhone: Mail, Contacts and/or Calendars.

Obviously, in Dave’s case, he just needed to turn the Calendars switch on. That keeps his iPhone using Yahoo! for Mail and Contacts, but pulls in his Google Calendar right into his handset over the air. Using this method, you could substitute another iPhone supported mail or contact service in lieu of Yahoo! and keep using Google for calendar events. It’s a great way to use multiple services on the same handset.



Actually, one can set to work with Yahoo! Calendar, but its not as graceful as , say, the syncing process with Yahoo and Blackberry.

Instructions here –

The caveat here is that this requires the switch to Yahoo’s new Calendar –

– as once this done, there is no going back. I heard that there might have been a problem with syncing back ‘up’ to Yahoo from additions made on the iPhone, but now read that this has been resolved.

Still, tres clunky. But less clunky than using yet another provider’s Calendar, perhaps…


Google’s calendar app is better, which is why I’m using it. OTA iPhone syncing is just icing on the cake.


Google convenient and powerful options, combined with Yahoo’s lack of anything (like desktop IMAP or domain spoofing) and the surging Android platform may push me to 100% Google services in 2010.

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