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Dailymotion Releases iPhone App, Tries to Sell Me Stuff in French

dailymotion app
Yes, that is an ad... in French!

What do you do when your short form video site lags the competition on the web? Put the same content on the iPhone! Or at least that’s what global video site Dailymotion has decided to do, releasing a new iPhone app with all the same functionality as the web page and a library of about 12 million videos.

While it’s largely lost the war for online video views stateside — according to comScore (s SCOR), YouTube (s GOOG) owns about 40 percent of the market — it apparently does fairly well overseas. According to data provided by comScore, Dailymotion had 60 million unique users per month and more than 1 billion videos served internationally in August. And the site is particularly popular in France, where it started.

Still, it was a little jarring to open up its newly released, free iPhone app and find myself confronted with a series of ads that were firmly targeted toward people who read, speak and understand French. A spokesperson for Dailymotion said that he hadn’t heard of anyone else having a problem with the app serving foreign ads in the US, and that I should mark it up to a first-day technical kink.

According to him, ads on the Dailymotion app are served by AdMob, and of course the intent is for them to be geographically targeted. That’s good news, as the app will be available in multiple geographies and languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, and Greek. Now if they can just serve the correct ad to the correct geography.

For those that don’t want to view ads — in a foreign language or otherwise — there is a $5.99 premium version of the app that allows unlimited viewing without being nagged to “Reservez votre hotel sur iPhone.”

In addition to viewing videos, the app allows usersĀ  with the iPhone 3GS to record and upload their own videos to the site — provided that they are logged in to the service. There’s also the ability for users to share videos with friends and manage their Dailymotion accounts from the app.

It remains to be seen whether an iPhone app will be able to move the needle for Dailymotion, which comes a bit late to the party. Despite being one of the first content providers to stream video to the device, the introduction of an iPhone app for online video start-up Joost did little to save it from collapsing and being sold off to ad firm Adconion earlier this year.