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Google’s Shopping List Grows Even Longer

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Over the last six weeks, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has bought up four startups — and the company’s holiday shopping spree is showing no signs of slowing down. On the heels of Thursday’s news that Google was close to a deal to buy up Yelp for more than $500 million, are reports that Google is looking closely at two more companies. (Update: After this was posted, TechCrunch said the Yelp deal isn’t happening.) A run-down of the latest chatter:

DocVerse: TechCrunch‘s Michael Arrington says Google is close to purchasing document collaboration startup DocVerse for $25 million. DocVerse lets people collaborate in real-time using Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) Office. That doesn’t seem like something that Google would want to help Microsoft out with, considering online collaboration is a major selling point of Google’s own Docs and Wave. So, it would seem that Google is trying to get DocVerse’s talent, which includes Shan Sinha, who drove product strategy for Microsoft’s SharePoint and SQL Server.

Trulia: Kara Swisher at AllThingsD says that Google is in talks to buy real estate search engine Trulia, which she says is valued at between $150 million and $200 million. Google’s interest comes as the company has expanded its own real estate listings on Google Maps, which presumably could be bolstered by buying Trulia.

So, what else might Google be eyeing? So far, Google’s acquisitions not been focused. The company

2 Responses to “Google’s Shopping List Grows Even Longer”

  1. The Force

    Joseph, please get your facts straight, the On2 deal has not been approved by the shareholders. It’s apparent from Friday’s meeting, On2 and Google do not have the votes to approve this merger at 60 cents!
    This is Google’s first attempt to acquire a public company, they are failing and they should be publicly embarrassed.

    Google has $22 billion in the bank and they low balled On2 shareholders with a 60 cent offer…………..
    Google acquires AdMob who has about $42M sales for $750M…..a 18X premium
    Google is trying to get Yelp who has about $30M sales for $500M….a 17% premium
    Google is trying to get On2 who has about $20M sales for $106M….a little over 5% premium

    AdMob and Yelp don’t own IP but they offer attractive opportunities.
    On2 provides a proprietary IP video platform that Google can use across their entire kingdom.
    Google doesn’t want On2’s business, they want the IP video platform.
    Shareholders of On2 invested in a company with a growing business which by the way owns the IP.
    While Google is only interested in the video IP, they need to value the offer to the business just as with AdMob and Yelp.
    On2’s $20M run rate X the 18% premium is $360M or about $2/share.
    Google, after you buy the business, you can do what ever you want with the IP…..
    …..but don’t expect shareholders, some here a very long time, to accept this ridiculous offer for the company.
    Google, give shareholders their rightful premium for the company, the same you are giving others, or hit the road!
    Google and the On2 executives that negotiated this deal should be globally humiliated!!
    “Do no evil” my ass!!!