Your Best Business Asset: An Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone who can help you stay on track toward reaching your goals and creating a life and business by design rather than default. January marks three years that my accountability partner and I have been meeting, and I cannot say enough about how much it has improved my business.

  1. I’m more focused. I’ve become a lot more targeted with my efforts. I concentrate more and more on moving the big rocks, rather than counting the hours I’ve clocked or getting bogged down in busywork. For each call, I want to have something to report. I don’t want to have to say, “I didn’t really get that much done over the past two weeks,” which really helps keep my feet to the fire.
  2. I stay the course. I used to be much more likely to change course. I had a serious case of entrepreneurial attention deficit disorder (EADD), and I jumped around way too much to see any kind of success. While I still start new things on a regular basis, I’ve become much more dedicated to seeing current projects to completion (or at least to a steady pace toward success) before venturing into new territory.
  3. I’m more honest and real. My accountability partner has come to know quite a bit about my life and vision for it, which helps to keep me grounded in reality. I can talk myself in or out of anything, so if I’m trying to make decisions, there are times when it’s easy for me to talk myself into doing something that might not the best choice. My accountability partner calls me on it and forces me to be real with myself about my intentions.
  4. I make greater progress in less time. Since we have regular meetings, it’s easy to keep things moving forward. There’s natural momentum built in, so we actually get things done.
  5. I concentrate more on results. I no longer work for work’s sake. We’ve come to realize that the meat is in the results. We’ve both slowly moved away from set hours and arbitrary notions of how our days should look and have instead learned to focus on making progress. We set our intentions, and once we finish what’s on the list, we’re done.
  6. I’m less likely to get stuck in ruts. As an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s easy to get stuck in my own thinking or get stopped by difficult times, but by having someone there whose job it is to keep me moving forward and striving to reach my vision, I’m so much less likely to stay stuck. My accountability partner and I have both had times where we’ve found ourselves stuck as a result of mental blocks or obstacles within our lives or businesses, but by working together, we’re able to get through them much faster.
  7. I’m more balanced. Because we stay in tune with the overall vision we both want for our lives, we don’t allow each other to get very far out of balance. We know when we each have big projects going on, and when those wrap, we make sure to tell the other person to take care of the other areas of our lives. If we’re struggling, we consider that it might be something outside the business, say our health, that might be holding us back.

There are many untold benefits of having an accountability partner. If you value the relationship and honor your commitment to it, it can be the single greatest asset for your business.

Do you have an accountability partner? How has it helped you?

Image from Flickr by suvodeb