YouTube Gets Even Friendlier With Facebook

Recent Activity with Facebook

YouTube (s GOOG) earlier this week introduced a new way for users to find their Facebook friends: By linking their accounts with those on the social networking site, users could then easily subscribe to the video feeds of their Facebook friends. Now YouTube is taking that functionality a step further, by enabling users to see what videos their friends are embedding on their Facebook profiles.

If you’ve connected your Facebook and YouTube accounts, the new feature, which Google says is “still in test mode right now,” will feed videos that your friends are sharing on Facebook back into your “Recent Activity” module on YouTube. To enable the new feature, users need only visit the Activity Sharing section of the account settings page and connect to Facebook.

The new feature will enable YouTube, which dominates other video-sharing sites in terms of the number of videos users embed, to get even closer to Facebook, which Nielsen reports is now the third-largest site for watching online videos.

YouTube released its own stats for the amount of video that its users watch on various social networking sites: Facebook users watch 46.2 years’ worth of YouTube videos on the social network each day, compared with 12.7 years’ worth on Google’s own Orkut, 5.6 years’ worth on MySpace and 1.2 years on Hi5.