Hands on With the Google Nexus One


Earlier this morning on the podcast, we discussed what is and what isn’t disruptive about the Google Nexus One handset. But better than talk about the latest Android handset is actual hands on time. Our friend tnkgrl had some actual hands on time with the Nexus One and shares some quick thoughts on her blog. A few standout points:

  • Multitouch isn’t supported in Google’s apps, including the browser
  • There looks to be a dock-like connector port on the bottom of the phone
  • The display appears to be AMOLED
  • It’s “faster than the Droid,” thanks to the Snapdragon processor

As I mentioned in the podcast, I may be looking to add this phone to my gear bag, but not in the way you’d think — I’m looking at a data-only plan since this would be a second phone for me. Well, a third phone if you count my Palm Pre, but if I go Android, I’ll likely cancel service on my Pre.

tnkgrl has plenty more info on the specs and experience, but wasn’t allowed to take any pics. Have a look at the other tidbits she was able to glean with a short amount of playtime.


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