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Catch Google Wave With Waveboard 2.0 For the iPhone

I am on record as wishing that Google Wave (s goog) would become part of the Google Mobile App, but until that happens there is an alternative. WaveBoard 2.0 recently went live on the App Store (iTunes link, $0.99, or a free upgrade from the previous version) and offers iPhone/iPod touch (s aapl) users mobile access to the service.

Mobile access is high up on my Wave wishlist because my client work sometimes takes me onto client sites, but if you hit Wave using Safari on your iPhone, you’ll receive the following error:

Google Wave is still in preview, so hopefully Safari should be supported once it enters a formal beta cycle, but Waveboard 2.0 at least offers an inexpensive workaround for now.

This latest version of Waveboard can now receive push notifications from the Waveboard robot at To get this feature working requires a bit of tinkering on your part. You have to login to, and then add [email protected] as a participant to the wave you want to receive alerts from Waveboard 2.0. Once you add the address the robot answers with a link to this service. Click on that link and follow the next prompts.

Except for the fact it is a read-only view, I did like the new “Quick Inbox” view of recent waves.

Waveboard 2.0 includes a Google Account Credentials dialog box which you can use to store your login information. Depending on your security tolerance, you can let Waveboard store your login so Google Wave is always open and accessible, or have the application prompt you for a password each time you start it.

Even though it’s really just a simple front-end for the web interface, Waveboard 2.0 offers a preview of Google Wave’s mobile future. You aren’t losing much by spending a buck for the convenience it offers for the web worker who needs reliable Google Wave access from their iPhone.

Have you tried out Waveboard 2.0? Share your experience below.

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  1. iPhone’s Safari throws up that error if you try to go there, but there is a tiny link to the effect of “risk it anyway” and it brings up a nice little mobile-optimized interface for Google Wave. I haven’t had too much trouble with it and it certainly makes for a good proof of concept for Waves on a small mobile device.