Web Worker Jobs You Can Do Anywhere

Whether you’ve been a web worker for a while or are just starting out, we’ve provided many tips for preparing and managing your online career. We’ve covered 10 ways to make money online and 10 more ways to make money online. We’ve also shared in-depth information on different web working careers, which are all included here plus a few more. These are businesses and careers you can do from, anywhere as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection.

You may not want to do one of the obvious web worker jobs such as being a writer or virtual assistant. Maybe something in this list will resonate with you.

  • Accountant / Bookkeeper: The people who keep track of money. They review invoices, expenses, payroll and taxes and make sure everything balances. They also verify the receiving and sending of all payments.
  • Coach: While people tend to prefer meeting with coaches face-to-face, some are turning to virtual coaches and communicating with them by phone, email and other online technologies.
  • Course Developer: Design courses for online or offline programs. The course developer may or may not also do the teaching.
  • Customer Service Rep: Answer customer questions about a company’s products and services. Reps can work with customers by email, phone, online chat and social networks. While this often involves working for a company, web workers can provide customer services for small businesses that don’t have full-time employees to do the job.
  • Editor: Slice and dice content to sharpen the writing and improve grammar.
  • Graphic Designer: Create, design and modify artwork for web sites, web-based applications, print, brochures, pamphlets and more.
  • Marketer and Public Relations (PR): Marketers and PR professionals communicate and build relationships in hopes of getting a product or service in front of customers and the media.
  • Online Community Manager: These folks Manage community for businesses or organizations by facilitating, creating content, evangelizing and evolving the community.
  • Product Sales: Many people make a full-time career out of selling products via online auctions and stores. Some manage web sites that work like a gateway to many products and sites, earning their cash through affiliate programs or site sponsors.
  • Programmer / Developer: Develops software or the back-ends of web sites.
  • Publisher: This growing career goes beyond printing books into producing e-books and selling them on their own sites or through affiliates.
  • Recruiter / Human Resources (HR): Find and vet candidates for companies needing to fill positions or hire temporary workers.
  • Sales / Telemarketer: Despite all the complaints about telemarketers, some businesses do a good job with their sales and telemarketing services.
  • SEM and SEO: Study PPC rates, key words and click rates. They determine what works and what doesn’t work, then suggest how to improve the metrics. Beware these are two different specialties requiring different knowledge and skills.
  • Teacher / Professor: Getting a college degree online is no longer taboo as many programs have proven to be as good as on-campus programs. High schools offer online classes so students can make up a failed course or get needed credits. Classes aren’t limited to education credits. Plenty of folks want to further their knowledge of a general topic.
  • Tech Support: Applications that allow you to work on a computer as if you’re in front of it have opened the door for tech support jobs that you can do anywhere.
  • Virtual Assistant: Manage appointments, data entry, time tracking and much more. VAs can very well do many of the jobs listed here, as it has a broad definition.
  • Writer: The folks are all about words. They can do blogging, writing for print and online publications, working with businesses on their content or training materials and doing technical writing.
  • Web designer: This site and many others would never come to fruition without the talents of a web designer. Not only do they create web sites, but they also design the front-end of web-based applications while the web developer or programmer handles the things we can’t see.
  • Web Site Manager / Webmaster: They maintain existing web sites by adding content on a regular basis, optimizing the site, monitoring problems and answering questions that come in. They might also add tools, widgets and other features to grow and enhance the web site as well as manage ads.
  • Video Producer and Editor: Create and edit videos to tell a story to communicate the key message for the organization behind the video.

Although web workers have various common traits, discipline is a biggie. Web working requires you be able to motivate yourself to get the work done and to get more business. Unless you’re part of a virtual team, no one will push you to complete your tasks.

What other careers can you do from anywhere?

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