Twitter Hacked by Iranian Cyber Army


It seems like Twitter has been hacked by the so-called Iranian Cyber Army, some sort of a renegade hacker group that claims to be linked to Iran. I have been trying to log in for a while now and have failed to get any kind of access to the Twitter service. The tragedy is that I never thought for a minute that anything was wrong, mostly because we are so used to the Fail Whale and Over Capacity messages from the service that eventually wants to be the heartbeat of the web. So how did I find out about this outage? Thanks to old-fashioned emails, including one from Yusuf Motiwala, who sent the screen grab accompanying this post.

Twitter’s Biz Stone called the outage a DNS disruption.

Twitter’s DNS records were temporarily compromised tonight but have now been fixed. As some noticed, was redirected for a while but API and platform applications were working. We will update with more information and details once we’ve investigated more fully.



This is definitely an embarrassment for Twitter. They are a highly utilized service provider, and any service disruptions are quickly noticed. Hopefully they put together a plan to avoid situations like this in the future.


This seems to be a really big deal on the Internet.

I am glad that twitter is back up, and I hope that they strengthen their security.

Jim Hacker

It is amazing to see how easily hackers are getting account login information. Whom ever was responsible for the DNS information is probably going to be getting a talking to! Changing DNS records like like changing a phone number under a popular businesses listing in a phonebook. Still, changing DNS is one of the oldest tricks in the books!


I agree with you, Katheline. Twitter is working now. I just tweeted a minute ago.

David McCormack

@Raheja Delicious irony that you should use a comment on a blog post (web 2.0) to say that web 2.0 is a damp squib.

Katheline Jean-Pierre

I tried to retweet this, but I could not… I am just kidding. I truly hope that this power microblogging website will develop a stronger risk plan against malicious attacks and #fail access services. 2009 was a big coming out for Twitter and the integration in Google search is also a significant win in the search engine battle. Their failure to fight “the internet demons” will give cold feet to moguls like Google who make a bold move to integrate them, thus recognize the strength of this powerhouse.

Best of luck, dear Twitter. Hope the little bird survives.

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