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Hey, Creators! Next New Networks Wants to Be Your BFF

As producers of nonfiction content, Next New Networks has always been good about partnering with and nurturing previously known talent, from Ben Relles and his Obama Girl to more recent deals with Daniel Delaney of and Grace Randolph of Beyond the Trailer.

But while in the past, acquiring new shows and stars was just part of how NNN did business, yesterday it announced that it’s formalizing the process, creating the Next New Creators program for those who might aspire to join one of the company’s many networks.

Creators brought in under the program will continue to own their content, and will be eligible for partnership deals that as independent entities they’d have a much harder time attracting — such as Beyond the Trailer, which produced a special Final Destination episode as part of a promotional deal with Warner Bros.

When I talked with co-founder Tim Shey and Kathleen Grace, VP of Programming, via phone, they were both excited for the opportunity to work with new creators and help them find their niche — something they have an established history of doing, like giving Bobby Miller, a 2009 Webby Award winner, and Mark Douglas (who finally got a breakout hit with his new Barely Digital series The Key of Awesome) several shots at finding the right platform for their talent.

Shey said the new program will help define NNN not as a distributor or a producer of content, but as “a company that supports some of the best talent on the web.” When I asked who would be in charge of sifting through all the submissions, Grace replied that while everyone in the office shares stuff, “my job is to watch YouTube.”