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Got a Good Idea? Pepsi Is Paying for Them

In mid-January applicants that Pepsi deems to “make us think, inspire us and ignite participation” will vie for millions of dollars in prize money through the Pepsi Refresh Project. Here’s what kinds of ideas will have a chance at winning.

According to an advisory that Pepsi sent us:

“The action starts on Jan. 13, when applicants will have 10 days to submit their ideas via The concept is powerful: Pepsi is seeking ideas that make us think, inspire us and ignite participation; ideas that make good things better or improve situations; ideas that refresh. The process is simple. Individuals pitch a plan. The public votes. The top projects win. And this process repeats itself every month for 10 months.”

The Pepsi Refresh Project will award $5,000, $25,000, $50,000 and $250,000 to individuals and organizations that turn good ideas into projects that make a difference.  The grant categories will be:

  • Health
  • Arts & Culture
  • Food & Shelter
  • The Planet
  • Neighborhoods
  • Education

Toolkits with tips on how to develop a grant application go live Dec. 23 at the site. The first wave of applications for the program will be accepted Jan. 13-23.  The first voting period opens Feb. 1.

The Pepsi Refresh Project takes the place of other large-scale marketing and advertising programs that the company is shelving. For example, it will not advertise during the Super Bowl, marking the first time it hasn’t in may years.

19 Responses to “Got a Good Idea? Pepsi Is Paying for Them”

  1. scatterbrainmom

    I have an idea…I REALLY love the idea of RECYCLING. Whoever came up with that idea is a genius! NOW, if EVERYONE will do their part; after all you can set your recycling bins on the curb once a week for pick-up!

    ANYWAY, my idea is: Is there a way to encourage/demand that ALL business BIG or SMALL do their part and have RECYCLE bins available and have their customers and employees recycle ALSO?

    I absolutely HATE seeing RECYCALBES in trash bins and on parking lots!

    Can’t something be done about this isssue?

    Business that DON’T recycle or have recycle bins available for customes already, make and effort and make this change.

    I mostly think of FAST FOOD CHAINS, gas stations, movie theaters,fundraiser events at schools, churches etc. AND anywhere there is a trash bin. INSTEAD of ONLY placing trash bins out for clean-up, include a recycle bin for all those soda cans and water bottles that go into the trash bins.

    IF EVERY business BIG or SMALL would place recycle bins next to the trash bins maybe we could save more of the earth and recycle more.

    I know alot of business are doing their part but MORE need to start!


  2. Ron Savage

    Clean the atmosphere and reverse global warming by pumping water into active volcanoes . There are many locations around the world that we could do this.From the red sea to Tanzania . rain made,air cleaned ,climate cooled

  3. May Nasehi

    I am a mother of 23-years old Autistic girl. She is non-verbal but high function. She is my friend, but there comes time that I need to go somewhere by myself,but I have no place to leave her.
    It’s very difficult to find the place for her to socialize. There is no place for her to go if I need to go somewhere without her.
    I know alot of parents in my area have the same problem with there autistic childrens. It was our dream to have to open a day-care that these children can be safe and spend time for all day or a few hours.
    I hpe you’ll help us to do that.
    Thank you,
    May Nasehi