Apple iPhone Ad Voice Guy Ruins Christmas in New Commercial


The guy from Apple’s (s aapl) “There’s an App for That” series of commercials does a fine, upstanding job, don’t get me wrong. He’s a credit to his profession, in fact, and has become iconically associated with one of the most successful products ever released. But he’s seriously ruining Christmas.

A new Apple ad in the series features an app-centric take on the classic “12 Days of Christmas” holiday carol, as rendered with uncompromising unmusicality by the voice that smugly informs us about everything there’s an app for. The apps don’t correspond to the actual items described in the original tune, but instead highlight various holiday-time activities.

Here’s how it breaks down (all links direct to iTunes):

So all told, that’s $22 for a complete holiday. Is it worth it? Probably not. Actually definitely not. Trust someone who has a whole heap of Christmas-themed apps cluttering up his iTunes library from last year, when the novelty of the device was enough to get me to pay good money for a virtual fireplace I could carry around in my pocket. That said, I wouldn’t object to some gifted apps turning up in my virtual stocking Christmas morning.



I agree with hkiphone. Yeah the announcer’s voice gets annoying after a while but it does go through quite a few apps in a short amount of time.

The Schlage app could be useful for those interested in “home automation.” But it is also good for home security if you look at the info on the Schlage site. It says that the app can control you thermostat, lock and unlock your doors and live stream security cameras all from your phone.

I would like to find how many people will try it or buy it because of the add.

Mike Geo

Wow, this is the last idiotic post I’m going to read at this blog. I unsubscribed to the RSS feed and got rid of my bookmark for this blog. I never really liked this blog, but I continued to check it daily in hopes to find something, anything. After that idiotic Dragon Dictation post and the blog’s creator bickering back and forth in the comments (saying the commenters didn’t read the whole article and/or ‘didn’t get it’), I’m now done with this blog.


Darell, this is a new low for you in your “writing.” You are basically saying (in a ham handed fashion), that you don’t like the guy’s voice? WTF? Try writing something that wouldn’t get you flunked out of grade 8 English class.


Yeah it’s just an ad. And this is just a blog. The Apple Blog needs to post regularly to keep its readership, but Apple doesn’t necessarily inspire great posts all year round. Read the title of each post: if it doesn’t sound useful, then don’t read it. Nobody is making you.


Agreed, I’ve just unsubscribed from the RSS, as the editorial content has really gone down hill in the last few months.

TAB: Get a grip, it’s just a commercial. It’s not supposed to be musical. Rather, it’s spoken word over music. Take a drink of that latte you iPhone helped you pay for and find some new staff.

Leo's hairpiece

I think it’s a medical condition – this need to constantly turn nothing into something and everyone against someone. Fanboy blogs on both sides of the fence act surprised people tire of this nonsense.

It’s an ad.


Are you serious? There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just an iPhone ad. I think the editor is just having a bad day. Or a troll perhaps?


Yeah what exactly is so bad about it? This blog was a fresh change from all the other Apple blogs, there’s been so much useless boring tripe on here lately… One more and I’m gone.


Umm, I don’t see any problem with that ad. It’s just their way of illustrating (very quickly!) how the app store has a vast range of apps, ranging from useful (weather pro, fight search) to potentially useful (Shlage link… some ppl might like the idea of home automation) to pure silliness (Holiday bells).

Like the others are saying, its not that they HAVE to be all useful to you. It’s just to get people thinking about getting iPhones. Step back to see the woods from the trees, and try to relax for Xmas. :)

j c

TAB: “Something for everyone” does not equal “everyone will want all of this.” Good lord, it’s just a comemrcial showing the variety of apps available. How many commercials go through this many? You’re ruining Christmas more than this commercial.


I am amazed to how some of you are just pure idiots. You missed the point completely. It has nothing to do with the applications. Both of kids seeing the commercials last night, asked for iPhones for Christmas. Get it. It does not matter what you think of the apps, the commercial grabs the average consumer into buying the iPhone for Christmas.


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