Mobile Tech Minutes: T3Desk Screencast


[wpvideo gRsrhLMz w=560]

Finding a useful utility is a great thing, and when it’s free it is even better. That’s the best way to describe T3Desk – it is incredibly useful and free. What T3Desk does is very simple, it allows you to minimize windows to thumbnails on the screen to get them out of your way, yet they are right there when you need them. The program has a ton of configuration options, so many I am just getting into a lot of them. The best way to explain what T3Desk does is to show you in a screencast.

In the video you will see how T3Desk minimizes programs to the desktop, and how easy it is to interact with them. I show the scroll wheel function on the mouse, and how it is used to move the thumbnails around. T3Desk is so useful it is going on every Windows system I use, including the MacBook which is where this screencast was recorded. Thanks to Download Squad for finding this great utility. BTW, the developers claim T3Desk will run on any version of Windows, so netbook users can fire this up with XP.


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