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McDonald’s: Would You Like Wi-Fi With That?

McDonald’s (s mcd), the fast food chain that is everywhere, is dropping the $3 charge for two hours of Wi-Fi access in its restaurants and will be giving it away, like those great toys in the Happy Meals. McDonald’s will begin offering free Wi-Fi in mid-January to encourage patrons to stay for longer periods. The move fits in with the chain’s desire to be seen as an alternative coffee shop for professionals. The free Wi-Fi will be obtainable in 11,000 of the 14,000 restaurants in the U.S., and will be provided by AT&T (s t).

Image credit: McDonald's

8 Responses to “McDonald’s: Would You Like Wi-Fi With That?”

  1. It’s already Free in France, since the beginning as far as I remember… But Only in big cities, like Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and so on..
    But can’t remember if it is free for a long period, as I only having my meal and not surfing while in fastfood ;)

    • Not complicated at all, search for the Wifi connection and connect. Don’t have to sign in, sign up etc.
      Well, that’s what we have here at a couple of local McDonalds, don’t know about other locations! :)