McDonald’s: Would You Like Wi-Fi With That?


McDonald’s (s mcd), the fast food chain that is everywhere, is dropping the $3 charge for two hours of Wi-Fi access in its restaurants and will be giving it away, like those great toys in the Happy Meals. McDonald’s will begin offering free Wi-Fi in mid-January to encourage patrons to stay for longer periods. The move fits in with the chain’s desire to be seen as an alternative coffee shop for professionals. The free Wi-Fi will be obtainable in 11,000 of the 14,000 restaurants in the U.S., and will be provided by AT&T (s t).

Image credit: McDonald's



I’m in France too, and McDonald’s free wifi is also existing in many “small” cities, not only big ones (but yes, when it started about 3 years ago, it was only in major cities…).


It’s already Free in France, since the beginning as far as I remember… But Only in big cities, like Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and so on..
But can’t remember if it is free for a long period, as I only having my meal and not surfing while in fastfood ;)

Joel Walker

Is it really free? Or do you have to sign up for an AT&T card, use it frequently to keep it activated, etc like Starbucks.

I want to sit down and have it work, not a complicated signup and use scheme.


Not complicated at all, search for the Wifi connection and connect. Don’t have to sign in, sign up etc.
Well, that’s what we have here at a couple of local McDonalds, don’t know about other locations! :)


This service has been in place for several weeks in Calgary!
This isn’t big news here! :)

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