Evernote Released for Android

Evernote logo

My favorite note-taking app is being released for the Android platform today, according to GigaOM. The Android version will provide the ability to take notes and add photos and voice recordings as notes. As with all versions of Evernote, user notes will be synced across all user devices running Evernote. The highlights of the Android version:

  • Ability to create text notes, snap photos and record audio along with easily attaching files to notes
  • Equipped with native note browsing (you can easily browse and search through all notes), complete with synchronization features so all notes are accessible in desktop or web versions from the Android
  • Tons of new functionality in the Android menu: browse notes, set location awareness view Saved Searches
  • Location capturing whenever you create a note

Evernote for Android should appear in the Android Market today, or can be downloaded directly from the Android phone and installed.


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