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Evernote Launching Android App

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notelist.pngEvernote, a Mountain View, Calif.-based company that makes my favorite cross-platform app, is all set to release the final Android version of it. It will be available for download in the Android market sometime tomorrow today.

Evernote, which is already available on the BlackBerry (s rimm) and iPhone (s aapl) platforms, released an Android version of the app in beta earlier this year. While I use the app most often on my MacBook Air, it comes in handy when I am on the go. It has become a favorite collaboration tool as well.

The Android version of Evernote is quite satisfactory, especially on a Droid, though it still doesn’t have the smoothness of the iPhone version. I haven’t spent much time on the Palm webOS (s palm) version (though I should), but I still don’t feel the BlackBerry version is as good as the others. The company recently raised $10 million in new VC funding.


17 Responses to “Evernote Launching Android App”

  1. Not surprised the WebOS version stinks – the WinMo app isn’t that great, either, and frankly, neither is the Windows client. Been running the beta on that one for a while, too, because the release version doesn’t do enough, and…they like never update that beta. I walked in months ago and the icons were placeholders and glitchy and would turn into display fuzz, and they’re still exactly like that.

    Uh…I’ve built commercial software. I understand these things take time. However, there are several compelling reasons to run betas – technical, design marketing, customer retention and satisfaction, etc. Evernote’s betas, the couple I’ve been in, Android and Windows? So, so full of fail on all counts. Betas don’t take forever and the product stays the same or actually gets worse, that’s nuts.

    Wow, it’s almost like they’re only about one company’s platforms or something, but…that never happens.

  2. I’m just going with 3Banana from here on in. They’re smaller and tighter and actually into Android as a platform, and the beta just taught me Evernote really isn’t. This crap with the Share function happened before, too – they just don’t seem to get that it’s a big part of the Android platform.

    3B doesn’t do everything Evernote does right now, even if it does a lot of key things better, but…if you think about Snaptic as something like Evernote a couple years ago…I used Evernote a couple of years ago. Remember when it was like a giant roll of toilet paper you could write on forever, and thus the name?

    3Banana’s way ahead of that, already. I can hang and wait for new features on this one.

  3. Yeah – a lot of people are missing that because they don’t use the Share feature or they’re more familiar with other platforms.

    Anyway, the devs responded, they say they just couldn’t help it, Android’s so hard, so we downgraded Evernote to No Score and recommended two Android apps made by a smaller company and an individual, both of which…actually work with Android. Amazing.

    Really disappointing, but the whole beta period was like this, too, so I shouldn’t be shocked. It’s like calling Adobe on the first Windows version of Photoshop. It was buggier than anything, and seriously, I called twice, and the first time they said “The Windows Guy is out to lunch.” The second time they told me Windows just had too many video card options, and they couldn’t be expected to keep up with them.

    Adobe said the same thing for years about issues with it’s products. Funny, Corel and Macromedia never had those problems.