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Will Environmental Regulations Kill the Exxon-XTO Merger?: “Buried deeply in the 76 pages of legalese that is the Exxon Mobil-XTO $31 billion merger is a clause that basically says: If Congress regulates hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking, Exxon gets to back out of the deal.” — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

VIDEO: Clash Between Copenhagen Police, Climate Activists: “Youth activists were beaten by police this morning in Copenhagen after they marched out of the Bella Center, shouting ‘Reclaim power!’ and ‘Climate justice now!’…The activists and the police shoved back and forth, and the police beat them with batons.” — Grist

Efficient LED Light Sales to Shine in 2010: Semiconductor research company iSuppli on Tuesday forecast double-digit sales growth in the next three years for all types of LED lights, which “have started to penetrate the residential market as a replacement for incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs.” — CNET’s Green Tech

Name That Planet: “Astronomers have spotted the most Earth-like planet to date, a massive ocean world that probably has an atmosphere and — though it’s highly unlikely — may support life.” But it’s called GJ 1214b, and it needs a better name. Submit your ideas here, or vote on contenders including Thalas, Stephen Colbert, Varuna and Colbertia. — Wired Science

Biofuels Still Not Flying High Financially: Despite having some major supply deals in the pipeline, biofuel companies have not gotten “the financial boost they need for the industry to explode.” Synthetic fuels maker Rentech today “reported that its fourth-quarter losses are going to be higher than anticipated due to the tight economy.” — VentureBeat’s GreenBeat

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