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Which Is the Top Tech Company to Work For?

Juniper CEO Kevin Johnson. Photo courtesy of Juniper Networks

Looking for a tech job? Well read on for the results of a new poll from Sausalito, Calif.-based as to the best — and worst — tech companies from which to draw a paycheck.

I had expected Google (s GOOG) to take top honors given its stock performance, not to mention what it spends on food and other amenities for its employees. I guess money really doesn’t buy happiness — the search giant ranked No. 3 on the list, while Apple (s AAPL) came in at No. 5. The top-ranked company? Router maker Juniper Networks (s JNPR). (Full results of the survey will be released tomorrow.)

Highest-Rated Tech Companies for 2009
Rank Company Company Rating CEO CEO Approval Rating
1 Juniper Networks 3.9 Kevin Johnson 65%
2 National Instruments 3.9 James J. Truchard 85%
3 Google 3.9 Eric E. Schmidt 87%
4 NetApp 3.9 Dan Warmenhoven 78%
5 Apple 3.8 Steve Jobs 91%
6 QUALCOMM 3.7 Paul E. Jacobs 65%
7 Novell 3.7 Ron Hovsepian 59%
8 Adobe 3.7 Shantanu Narayen 60%
9 EMC 3.7 Joe Tucci 64%
10 Rackspace 3.6 A. Lanham Napier 67%

As for the lowest-rated, it looks like Dell hit a home run by buying Perot Systems — it has the dubious honor of coming in at No. 10.

Lowest-Rated Tech Companies
Rank Company Company Rating CEO CEO Approval Rating
1 Xilinx 2.3 Moshe Gavrielov 12%
2 Affiliated Computer Services 2.4 Lynn R. Blodgett 21%
3 Hewlett-Packard 2.4 Mark V. Hurd 22%
4 Avaya 2.5 Kevin Kennedy 24%
5 Real 2.5 Rob Glaser 12%
6 NVIDIA 2.5 Jen-Hsun Huang 52%
7 Infosys 2.6 Kris Gopalakrishnan 35%
8 Nortel Networks 2.7 Mike S. Zafirovski 2%
9 Perot Systems 2.7 Peter A. Altabef 35%
10 Dell 2.8 Michael S. Dell 28%

35 Responses to “Which Is the Top Tech Company to Work For?”

  1. Weels N'Cupboard

    It’s funny how sometimes the companies choose a motto that is the exact contrary of what they actually are.

    Take HP’s “Invent” for instance.
    What did HP invent in the last 20 years? The TouchSmart PC, which is just a combination of existing components and a “nice” interface.

    I can tell you, HP is all but agile.
    When you want to DO something at HP, to invent, to produce, to be innovative and see your innovation actually being developed, sold and used, well, you have to have so many approvals that the day it is finally released (if ever), the market accuracy of your invention is usually far behind.

    HP is definitely not one of the best companies to work for.

  2. HP’s position on the lowest ranked company list is worthy of some quiet reflection. At one time it was a legend in the industry, a place every engineer aspired to join.

    The natural entropic state of a corporate culture is bureaucratic miasma. It requires constant infusions of energy to stave it off a while longer.

  3. Umm, re-read it again Sriranjan.

    Dell is better then Xilinx. Xilinx is the worst, it’s the “number 1 for lowest-rated tech companies” – That means it’s the lowest-rated tech company…

  4. Sriranjan

    The table seems to be incorrect. Ranking in the first table is directly correlated to the company-rating but in the worst companies table, it is inversely correlated.

    How can Dell with a company rating of 2.8 be worse than Xilinx with a company rating of 2.3?