Streamy Award Submissions Open Today: New Awards, Additional Process


If today’s Golden Globes nominations haven’t managed to put you in the awards season spirit, then how about this? The Streamy Awards has kicked off the nominations process for this year’s awards in web series excellence, with submissions in all categories now open to the public.

In addition to the categories for last year’s awards, which included honors for acting, direction and best series, the following new categories have been added:

  • Best New Web Series
  • Best Companion Series
  • Best Animated Web Series
  • Best Branded Entertainment Web Series
  • Best Foreign Web Series
  • Best Experimental Web Series
  • Best Vlogger
  • Best Product Integration in a Web Series
  • Best Live Production in a Web Series
  • Best Interactive Experience in a Web Series
  • Best Mobile Experience in a Web Series

The other categories remain the same, although Best Artistic Concept has been renamed Best Experimental. The total number of categories that IAWTV members will be voting on now stands at 35, though the more technical awards will be presented, just like the Oscars, at a smaller, earlier ceremony.

Web series fans will once again be able to submit their favorite shows and talent for various awards in this first stage. But for $10 per show, content creators and companies will also be able to submit their shows directly to the IAWTV for consideration, along with all complete cast and crew info, as part of an enhanced “certified submissions” process. “It enables accuracy with credits-listings, rights-clearances and asset management that allows us to promote individual shows within media and marketing materials, and ensures that a show is presented in the vision of its owner. It’s not required and doesn’t affect a show’s chances in any way,” Streamy Awards co-executive producer Jamison Tilsner said.

In other Streamys/IAWTV news: Michael Wayne, CEO of DECA, has been named chairman of the IAWTV, with co-founder Dina Kaplan serving as vice chair. (The announced board of directors was common knowledge as of last October, when the IAWTV met as an organization for the first time.) Those who have applied for IAWTV membership for this year are still waiting to hear if they’ll be allowed to join the non-profit advocacy group.


Star-ving Supafan

Corin Nemec and David Faustino fans are joining forces to launch a “Star-ving for a Streamy” award campaign. Since Dave and Corin’s show is a web series it isn’t eligible for most awards. However, the Streamy Awards honor web series and THE VOTING IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

You can vote once a day in each category for Star-ving as Best Comedy Web Series, Corin or Dave as Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series or any of your favorite guest stars (Gilbert Gottfried, Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate, Seth Green, Coolio, Kato Kaelin, Ed Asner, Alan Thicke, Jeremy Miller, Tracey Gold) as Best Guest Star in a Web Series.

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