Paramount Begins Licensing Clips Online, With Help from Digitalsmiths

What do you do when your DVD business starts to show serious signs of decline? If you’re Paramount (s VIA), you look for ways to create a new revenue stream from your existing catalog of video content. With that in mind, the movie studio today launched, a warehouse of short-form video assets created and indexed with the help of Digitalsmiths.

The site will enable users to license clips from Paramount titles such as The Godfather, Forrest Gump and Top Gun, all without reaching out to the studio to do so. The site will have clips from 80 different titles in the Paramount catalog at launch, according to the NY Times, but the studio is looking to quickly expand that by an additional 200 titles, with the ultimate goal being to index and make available short-form videos from about 1,000 films, or one-third of its film library.

For now clips are available only to certain business partners — like ad agencies or foreign broadcasters — that want to be able to license and repurpose them for their own videos. But the clip portal could at some point be opened to consumers who want to be able to search and embed certain scenes on their own web sites.

The whole thing is being made possible by Digitalsmiths, which is providing the backend technology for indexing, managing and distributing the clips. Using various proprietary video interpretation technologies from Digitalsmiths such as facial recognition, scene classification and closed-captioned time alignment, Paramount is able to easily create clips with rich metadata attached. Users can then search those clips based on a number of elements, including specific actors, locations, or pieces of dialogue.