Meet the Data Center Boss: He Runs the A/C, Too

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Zyrion's software manages chillers, too

Privately held startup Zyrion tomorrow plans to announce a new version of its Traverse network management software that helps enterprise customers control their data center from the packets to the chillers, a trend that’s becoming more important as energy consumption becomes a priority and corporations start trying to manage their data centers like a computer.

I covered the trend of IT and facilities managers merging a few weeks ago, and Vikas Aggarwal, the co-founder of Zyrion, confirmed that customers of its software were experiencing the same thing. Customers asked Aggarwal for help tying their facilities equipment to their computers, so Zyrion built its Traverse Data Center Edition. The software tracks the servers, network, air conditioning and other facilities elements such as the backup power supplies, and it does it across multiple data centers.

The process of linking facilities and computing is becoming easier, Aggarwal says, as companies release more network-connected products on the power and cooling side. To compensate for all the unconnected gear in existing data centers, Zyrion maintains a library of products that can be managed with the software, once IT connects it to the network manually. However, he admits that standards would help speed the process. (For a truly in-depth look at this topic, check out our GigaOM Pro report — subscription required.)

Zyrion actually has a long history. It began as a company called Fidelia, which was acquired by Network General in 2006. That was bought by NetScout in 2007, which then decided to spin Zyrion out. Zyrion competes against products from the big IT vendors, HP (s hpq)  and IBM (s ibm), as well as data center managers who cobble their own solutions together using in-house programming talent. But it’s clearly a space that’s looking for some innovation.

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