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Finally, iPhone Insurance (Sort of)

A very common “feature” of many highly used iPhones are unsightly cracks in the screen. Since screen cracks are almost never covered by the iPhone warranty, an entire cottage industry has cropped up for iPhone screen repairs. Even Apple (s aapl) decided it wanted a piece of the pie, and now do (expensive) iPhone screen repairs. AT&T (s att) doesn’t offer any insurance for iPhones, but does for other smartphones. Obviously, this has to do with the high cost of repair combined with the likelihood of breakage. What’s a paranoid iPhone user to do?

Mission: Repair, one of the leaders in iPhone service, is now offering a program which bridges the gap between iPhone repairs and iPhone insurance.

The program, called a “Peace of Mind/Maintenance Performance Guarantee” will cover screen and other repairs to your iPhone. The terms and conditions are a bit lengthy and technically they can’t call it insurance or a warranty. Essentially, the program is a “pay in advance” system for iPhone screen repairs that in practice behaves like an insurance program.

You pay $19.99 for one year or $29.99 for two years and if your screen breaks, they repair it at no charge. For a bit more they’ll cover almost everything but the screen ($34.99 1 year/54.99 2 years) or combine the two (54.99 1 year/79.99 2 years). Unlike AppleCare, this program will cover accidental screen damage as well as iPhones or iPods that are already out of warranty.

Water damage is excluded and you have to ship your iPhone/iPod touch to them for inspection before signing up for the program in order to prove it is in good working condition (an iPhone App allowing you to test it yourself without sending the phone in to Mission: Repair is coming soon). The current requirement for advance shipping is a pain of course, but when I’ve had to do a repair before, I buy a cheap GoPhone and put my SIM card in there for a day. Additionally, users of the new program are required to install an iPhone screen protector and users are limited in the number of repairs per year. The closest equivalent is BestBuy’s $15 per month “BlackTie Protection” which covers pretty much everything. However, one only needs to pull out the calculator app to see that $180 is not a terribly good deal. AT&T’s insurance program for other phones is $60 a year, so Mission: Repair’s combined coverage program is competitive with AT&T’s offerings on other phones.

I’m sure others will pick up on the idea, but I’m glad Mission: Repair is taking the lead! I know what I’ll be giving as stocking stuffers to my risk-averse iPhone and iPod touch friends this year.

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  1. Robin Centers

    I use Insure Apple iPhone ( ) to insure my iphone. Squaretrade seems like a good solution from the outside but they dont offer half as much as insure apple iphone. They even insure used iphones. I pay $5.99 per month for my iphone 4 and have coverage against everything including loss or theft. the deductibles are fair for a lost or stolen iphone and the service is excellent. I have had them for about 8 months and have been very happy. I have searched high and low for the best iphone insurance out there and i think this definitely is. you cannot beat the coverage you get for the price. This is worth checking out if you are in the market for this iphone insurance

  2. If you don’t have any insurance but still need to get your iPhone repaired or get parts for the iPhone, you can use these guys. I have bought parts from them before and they are located in the USA which worked out great for me.

    If you like to repair your own iPhone, check out this website. Even if you would rather have a professional do the work, they can do it for you also. They sell parts and do repairs.

  3. Worth Ave Group now offers iPhone insurance. For only 63 dollars you can cover a 16GB 3Gs. It covers just about everything including water damage and theft. There is only a 50 dollar deductible but you are good for the entire year. So if you break your phone again, you are still covered, unlike a warranty you buy from all the other places that just covers the first break/phone.

    Here is a comparison chart:

  4. iRepair Team LLC offers insurance plans that are superior to all other insurance or warranty plans out there.

    I am the President and CEO of iRepair Team LLC. We have been in business for almost 2 years now and service customers all across the nation.

    We do not require that the iPhone be mailed in to us. We offer two plans. One covering water damage and the entire phone for failure. This plan covers everything but theft and loss.

    The other plan covers glass and lcd breakage as well as battery failure for 1 year for only $35 for the 3g and $45 for the 3gs. Only a $10 deductible is required for the 3g and $20 for the 3gs. 5 claims made me made per year.

    There is simply no comparison to our insurance plans.

    Please see for more information or call 888-269-5658 for more information.

  5. Kathycorby

    FYI just got a great deal on screen repair in Cupertino (Cupertino iPhone screen repair). with 99 buck price & 30 min turnaround . I think they do mail in too. Thank god my baby’s back.

    • RE:Mauro

      Missionrepair is cheaper than that. They do 3gs for 99 and they do it in 24 hours. Its cool they are offering this program though, my friend has broken his glass 4 times in the last year.

  6. “A very common feature of many highly used iPhones are unsightly cracks …”

    Aside from the horrific grammar of your opening sentence, I have to say I’ve *never* seen an iPhone with a cracked screen. I see dozens of them every day, all of my friends have them, and I’m sure some iPhones get cracked screens if yo drop them on concrete many times over, but this is hardly a “very common feature.”

    I’ve dropped my 3G many times and never cracked the screen also. It’s generally a very hard thing to do unless you are a complete tool.

  7. I bought SquareTrade the day I got my 3GS, covers any damage I don’t intentionally do for the ACTUAL replacement cost, and I never had to prove the condition of the phone or agree to any protector.

    • SquareTrade only covers new iPhones purchased within the last 30 days from an authorized eBay seller or other authorized retailer (ie, AT&T, BestBuy, Walmart, etc.). They do not cover refurbished or used iPhones. SquareTrade policies include a $50 deductible per claim, and are more expensive than this program appears to be.

  8. I had a friend who left his iPhone in his jeans pocket and it went through a wash. Six days later the iPhone came back to life. Is that not iCrazee or what? I need to write up this story on my blog.