Daily Sprout

Trade Tension at Copenhagen: “China is demanding that a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gases prohibit nations from imposing trade sanctions, further pitting the world’s No. 1 emitter against U.S. lawmakers.” — Bloomberg

How Fisker Ended Up in Delaware: Reporter Neil King Jr. details California startup Fisker Automotive’s path to winning $528 million in government loans for retooling of an old General Motors factory in Delaware, four miles from Vice President Joe Biden’s house. — Wall Street Journal

LEAF 411: When Nissan’s LEAF electric sedan rolls out next year, “consumers will have to consider its relatively short 100-mile driving range, as well as the scarcity of charging stations beyond their own homes. Nissan plans to tackle these concerns by providing information–and lots of it–to help drivers manage the recharging process.” — Technology Review

COP16 in July?: Former Vice President Al Gore called on the United Nations and its member countries to move the next climate negotiations up to July, rather than waiting until December 2010 to finalize a global climate deal. — Grist

Carbon Trading Sits in Idle: The Montreal Climate Exchange “launched its futures market for greenhouse gas emissions credits with great fanfare 18 months ago, but the results of that promise have been delayed ever since.” — Globe and Mail


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