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Comcast Xfinity Day 1: What’s the Buzz?

Source: Zatz Not Funny!
Source: Zatz Not Funny!
Now that Comcast Fancast Xfinity TV is out of beta, the first reports are rolling in. Here’s what we heard today:

A Twitter search currently pulls up mostly news of Xfinity’s launch and commentary on the name change (my favorite tweet so far, from @ceciliakang: “Terrestrial loophole, Xfinity, Net Neutrality. Sometimes my world feels like a bad Star Trek episode.”)

Dan Rayburn of Streaming Media wasn’t impressed with his testing of the system, citing 10-second buffer times, high amounts of pixelation and poor frame rates.

Peter Kafka at All Things D was able to watch the last episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and thought that “it looked pretty good (as long you don’t fast-forward).”

But the much-missed Chris Albrecht also checked it out, and he had some choice words to describe his experience.

None of us are on Comcast, but we’re currently working on a way to get you a full review soon. So in the meantime, how about you, dear readers? Have you had a chance to play with the service? Love it or hate it, please let us know in the comments!

12 Responses to “Comcast Xfinity Day 1: What’s the Buzz?”

  1. I’m not kidding comcast is bad. Some how you get double charged for the same movie at the exact same time. The only way you’ll catch it is if you look at your bill every month. I wounder how else they will take extra money from people now.

    • berrin

      None of that has ever happened to me or anyone I have spoken to. My Comcast experience has always been great especially compared to my past service with AT&T. You will always have the complainers that won’t be happy no matter what. I suggest that you get some large rabbit ears.

  2. Comcast is terrible. The will continue to roll out crap that is only sometimes high quality due to shared bandwidth. Tv freezing slow on demand and menu guids and oh yeah now their is a download limitaion of 250 gb per customer. Don’t download too much, you’ll slow this crap down more than it already is!

  3. Fancast is just the beginning as a comcast employee I can tell you that there are many new and exciting things coming. We will be the company to look for to lead the way into the next generation of advanced services

  4. FYI picture link doesn’t work.

    The content is diverse. Hulu-sourced stuff (like NBC) plays as you expect. The Move player is for Air and more of an issue. Including no support for OS X/Snow Leopard 64bit as seen here:

    Also, some additional customer frustrations and support failures as documented here:

    Being first is often painful.

  5. I was able to watch recent episodes of HIMYM, 60 Minutes, and Family Guy on Xfinity today. The content library appeared to be very large though I was surprised to see that a show like NCIS was missing. The player was passable.

    I tried to find Seinfield, with no luck. I thought that there might be access to current episodes for shows in syndication as part of the service – so maybe I’m missing something.

    I had issues with the downloadable Move/Air player. The player install failed and then I kept getting a recurring error message that said that I needed to authorize my computer when I tried to watch the latest episode of Men of a Certain Age (even though I now have a new icon in my system tray that says I’m authorized). I still can’t watch the episode.