Shocker: Murdoch Visits UK Newstand


Credit: AP Images

[by Roy Greenslade] Imagine the scene: a busy newsagent’s shop in west London one morning. A hard-pressed woman behind the counter recognises two smartly dressed men in suits as sales representatives from the newspaper publisher News International. With them is a polite, elderly gentleman she cannot place. But he is the one who asks all the questions.

How many copies of this or that paper do you sell? Are you getting your copies on time? What’s your major problem at the moment? He seems like a nice guy and she answers without hesitation. The two reps smile indulgently in the background. After a couple of minutes, they depart.

She looks a little baffled until one of her regular customers, who happens to have entered the shop as the group left, says to her: “Do you know who that man was?”

“No idea.”

“It was Rupert Murdoch.”

And that, it transpires, was indeed the case. The head of one of the world’s largest media conglomerates had called in to speak to Daxa Solanki, who

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