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McDonald’s Adds Free Wi-Fi To Its Menu

The coffee wars have extended to Wi-Fi. McDonald’s will offer free Wi-Fi at the majority of its 14,000 locations in the U.S. via a partnership with AT&T (NYSE: T) starting next year, according to the WSJ. McDonald’s has offered Wi-Fi at many of its stores since 2004 under a deal with Wayport (which was purchased by AT&T last year), but was charging $2.95 an hour for access. Many stores also provide a free hour with a purchase, but customers usually have to ask for a code.

One likely motivation for the change in pricing: Starbucks, which McDonald’s is trying to one-up with its coffee offerings, offers free Wi-Fi at its stores (also via a partnership with AT&T) but with lots of caveats. Free Wi-Fi users need to register a Starbucks card and use it at least once a month or be existing AT&T customers. Otherwise, they pay $3.99 for two hours of Wi-Fi access.

AT&T has landed several high-profile Wi-Fi service contracts lately, including one earlier this year to roll out free Wi-Fi at all 777 Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) stores.

5 Responses to “McDonald’s Adds Free Wi-Fi To Its Menu”

  1. Nicole Smith

    They have coffee, salads, and other options. It’s called self-control and moderation. I think it’s great that I can get a cup of coffee cheaper than “fancy” coffee shops while checking email or killing time between meetings.

  2. cindrellawatson

    Cheap food? Late hours? Locations EVERYWHERE? And now free WIFI? What’s next – free health clinics? Free insulin? Free Lipitor? Common McDonalds – BE RESPONSIBLE!