Verizon’s Palm Pixi Includes Wi-Fi


These days it’s not unreasonable to see a Sprint (s s) phone later appear on Verizon (s vz) — or vice versa, depending on the case. After all, both carriers use the CDMA network, so there’s no major reworking of a handset’s innards. But in the case of the Palm (s palm) Pixi, a little rejiggering was done. Yes, the Pixi will land on Verizon’s network, but more importantly, it has one feature that Sprint’s version sorely lacks — Verizon’s Palm Pixi will sport a Wi-Fi radio, per the FCC filing reported by PreCentral.

I still can’t fathom why Sprint didn’t put Wi-Fi in its Pixi. The cost of a Wi-Fi radio in a phone these days is practically nothing, and it helps to offer customers a better smartphone experience. Sure, 3G is great when you have coverage, but what about the folks who bought a Pixi and then couldn’t update webOS because they live outside of a 3G coverage area? Yes, I too question why someone would buy a 3G device in a non-3G area, but that’s not the point. These folks had to update webOS using a computer and the webOS Doctor software offered by Palm — hardly a seamless experience.

Luckily, Verizon is doing the smart thing and providing a Wi-Fi radio in its Pixi. Not only does that help when there’s no 3G coverage, but it also supports apps that work only over Wi-Fi. What kinds of apps, you ask? There are several in-home remote control apps that depend on Wi-Fi for the iPhone (s aapl), for example. And I’m using WiFiPhoto on a daily basis to wirelessly transfer pics from my iPhone to any computer via a web browser and Wi-Fi. There may not be any WiFi-specific apps for Palm’s webOS yet, but without Wi-Fi on a handset, developers can’t create such apps.



I’m equally surprised. Palm Pixi with WiFi brings it even closer to everything the Palm Pre can do except not having a longer screen. Verizon is likely to sell more Palm Pixi’s than Sprint.

WiFiPhoto? Nice concept; I’ll look into building something similar for webOS. thx

M Christy Kamalakar

That means the CDMA so called Smart Phone Palm Treo 700p is useless in INDIA! thanks for clarifying.

M Christy Kamalakar

Respected Sir. I was gifted with a Palm Treo700p, but i live in Andhra Pradesh in India. As of now there is no service provider. This is a CDMA phone. In a couple of months or so 3G services will be offered by BSNL, you think the Palm woul work with 3G once available in Andhra Pradesh. Thanking you Sir. MC Kamalakar


BSNL 3G is GSM. Your CDMA phone would not work on any 3G network in India as all carriers including TATA and Reliance are switching to GSM.

Tough luck on your CDMA phone.

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