Samsung ST5500 Camera Integrates Wi-Fi for Wireless Photo Transfer

Today must be mobile camera day — first we saw a device with wider viewpoint than a double-jointed owl and now Engadget says there’s a new Samsung model with integrated Wi-Fi. The Samsung ST5500 recently posed for the FCC and supports 802.11b/g Wi-Fi for photo transfers. According to Wireless Goodness, the ST5500 can shoot either photos or videos through the ether and not just through file transfers — the camera can also email pictures directly to your fave contacts.

There’s no price or official announcement from Samsung just yet, so we’ll all have to wait for an actual shipping product. Based on the FCC documents, here’s what you’ll be waiting on in addition to the wireless functionality: 14.2 megapixels, 7x optical, 3.5″ LCD touch screen, microSD support and high-def video recording of 720p at 30fps. Here’s how it looks from the FCC’s point of view — and it makes me wonder: what camera do they use?


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