Nokia Booklet 3G Drops to $199 for Holidays


Nokia’s (s nok) first effort to break into the netbook market is a pretty nice machine. The build quality of the Booklet 3G is first-rate, and just about the only negative comments reviewers have is over the high price. Nokia has built an expensive netbook, and the market is not one known for accepting high-priced devices. Best Buy (s bby) is looking to address that concern and is offering the Booklet 3G for $199 with a 2-year Data Connect plan on AT&T (s t) in the U.S.

This reduced price makes the Booklet 3G fairly competitive in the world of netbooks, and is pretty decent for one with integrated 3G. The special deal is available in any Best Buy store and through the Best Buy Mobile site. It runs from Dec. 13 through the holidays.

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