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Apple Delays iMac Shipments, Says Sorry

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Back in November we reported on the news that some of Apple’s (s aapl) new 27-inch iMacs were turning up with shattered screens and dodgy “flashing” displays. At the time, the most plausible explanation for the physical damage was that the packaging designed to protect the machines during transit was insufficient. The crazy flashing? Well, that’s anyone’s guess.

Add to the mix an already-lengthy waiting period for order fulfillment and you get a fair number of frustrated customers wondering what they paid $1,700 for.

Over on the Apple Support forums there’s a mammoth (80+ pages!) discussion raging about the very issue. As though that’s not enough, one disgruntled iMac owner created this web site for reporting and tracking other instances of damaged 27 inchers.

Yesterday Apple did what it so very rarely does — apologized. Really: “We apologize.” Wow. I almost fell off my chair.

The apology (I can’t stop shaking my head in wonder as I type that word) was delivered by an Apple spokesperson to CNET and reads, in all its succinct glory;

The new iMac has been a huge hit and we are working hard to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience or delay this may cause our customers.

Of course, there was no mention of the shattered glass problem. Not a word about blinking displays. But c’mon, you didn’t expect a full and frank confession did you? This is Apple. Still, as Engadget’s Vladislav Savov put it, “Some contrition is better than none.”

6 Responses to “Apple Delays iMac Shipments, Says Sorry”

  1. ArrowSmith

    Well isn’t the point of paying the Apple-premium to not put up with any of the shit PC-users do? That’s what fanbois tell me at least. Now suddenly many are making excuses for Apple(scaling up production entails QC problems, etc…). Bullshit. Apple has more then enough cash on hand to have put rock-solid QC in place before constructing these iMacs. They rushed them to market like a Dell and are paying the PR price.

  2. Seeing that number of “bad apples” compared with total number of shipped machines, I think its not that big problem deal, its obviously not a serial issue, I’m on my week and a half of i7 use, and Im in love with it. hope that he keeps that way.

    • ArrowSmith

      I thought the difference with Apple was that “it just works” and that people didn’t have to put up with the age-old PC problem of getting lemons. So now Apple joins the crowd where “it’s just good enough”. Stop the moral righteousness of the Apple cause Please.