Android Ecosystem — This Week in Android


Welcome to our newest Monday feature — Android Ecosystem! The week started with a bang and all of the news about the alleged Google Phone (s goog). So far, I think much of the early speculation and hype is mostly just that. While there are many thoughts of how disruptive the Nexus One could be, odds are likely that it won’t be. So let’s turn to tangible items, starting with a solid list of essential Android apps put together by Gizmodo.

Image Credit: AndroLib

Many of the apps are ones I’ve seen or used before, but two jumped out at me. NewsRob is a free Google Reader app for RSS and since I live in RSS seven days a week, it immediately got a download on an old G1. My first take — it’s quite usable and offers starring, sharing and more, just like Google Reader on a desktop browser. Also getting a download is Astrid, which is a free task manager. Although I use Remember the Milk for Android, Astrid also synchronizes with RTM, so it’s worth taking a look.

Android Guys also found a new app for me and it strongly supports my GigaOm Pro piece (subscription required) on why streaming music through the cloud is moving towards reality sooner rather than later — Grooveshark for Android is now available. You’ll need a VIP account with Grooveshark — $30 a year — but you can upload and stream your entire audio library to an Android device, plus listen to gobs of other music as well.

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