Twitter Rolls Out Another Feature For Businesses: Multi-User Account Access

No, it’s not a premium account yet — those are supposedly still on track to launch by year-end — but Twitter is rolling out another feature aimed at making its service more business and company-friendly.

Called “Contributors,” the feature helps differentiate between multiple users of a single Twitter account. If a company’s CMO tweets under the general account, for example, it would add a tag at the end of the update listing the CMO’s (or “contributor’s”) name.

The goal is to let “users know more about the real people behind organizations;” Twitter started verifying certain accounts to make sure that impostors didn’t go around stealing the accounts of “real people” like celebrities, athletes and company execs this summer.

Though Twitter says the new API — currently in a limited beta — will “enhance” the function of third-party apps like newly-funded CoTweet, the more premium features it rolls out on its own, the fewer reasons companies will have to spend money on those alternative services in the long run. (Meanwhile, in a blog post, CoTweet explains that no matter what premium services Twitter adds, there will be a “continued need” for the kind of advanced collaboration and conversation-tracking tools it provides …)