Supposed Apple Tablet Video Surfaces


Late Friday, French website posted a YouTube video it claims is footage of the mythical Apple (s aapl) tablet that has long been the source of many a rumor. The video is quite convincing, as you can see for yourself in the embedded clip below:

The tablet isn’t doing any of the amazing things we’ve heard about, like acting as an e-reader for a new magazine format. Instead, its user appears to be shopping for IKEA furniture or something similar. Regardless, the UI and hardware design does look like something that Apple could’ve made. Note also the tantalizing images of past Apple products in the background, including the Apple Newton.

It could be an elaborate fake, of course, and the video quality isn’t terrific, but it isn’t bad either. So far, this is the best example I’ve seen of a tablet rumor that could turn out to be solid evidence of what’s to come from the Mac maker. Thoughts?



I say fake too.

Try this experiment: Cast a shadow on a white part of your computer screen. You can’t do it.

Also notice that the motions he’s making are timed with the music. This makes it easier to choreograph the gestures.

Shazzam 121

It’s fake. A mock-up of a giant iPhone with a green screen, and some hand gestures that coincide exactly with what’s going on on-screen. In the lower left-hand corner of the device, however, there’s a shadow cast by the left hand. Not possible on a white screen. No points this round.


I would also split 50/50…
You can have shadow and reflection aligned to look a bit odd… it would be an ambient light filter next to the guys shoulder…
The Newtons in the background are origins, history, the Tablet that Amilio brought down out of Mount Apple if you guys believe in that sort of thing? Any you guys ever go to Sunday school?

OK and anyone bringing up the WiFi connectivity issue…. why?
How many installed apps on iPhone, MacBook require on demand data?
The catalog can be fully downloaded and used at any time regardless of connectivity….


Anyone else find it horribly ugly? The bezel on top is way too thick.

I hope the real thing looks like a brushed aluminum Archos 9


I don’t know if its real or fake but any way it look anything but ugly. But their is people out their that said the imac, macbooks and iphone look ugly.


This got me thinking. It’s funny how people keep saying these Apple products are “fake” by looking at such mundane things as shadows (and on the Mac mini, port alignment), yet almost every time these products turn out to be real.

If this turns out to be the Apple tablet, I’m sad about the form factor. I expected it to be a lot wider and not as tall, but this thing is incredibly square.


koki, no one is saying that the apple tablet doesn’t exist…..we’re just saying that this particular video appears to be fake (that’s my opinion anyway…).


Very cool, but I’m going to have to agree with the people calling it a fake… the light hitting the left hand never changes with change on the screen.


I’m calling fake. The highlighting on his hand is all wrong, not to mention on the bezel of the device. Pretty well done if it is fake though.

j c

Fake, but what a nice little interface design, eh?

Oh wait … “colour”? Walt Mosspuppetberg is Canadian?

Romain L

– the X in the upper right corner would be from the JavaScript/CSS overlay by the ‘IKEA’ e-shopping site, not native Apple UI
– in any case it is DEFINITELY FAKE as no wireless connection will deliver such a snappy experience with that size of a screen an such heavy graphics. No way in hell.

Andrew Kelsall

Yeah, it’s a fake, and you can prove it yourself, just as mosspuppet stated, just try and create a shadow onto a white LCD screen…you can’t do it. On this video, however, deep shaddows are cast on the right hand side of his fingers and hand. Probably a blue or green screen with a superimposed UI. Not a clever fake at all.

mike r

I’m calling fake. I don’t care what kind of connection, 3g or not, there’s no way it can be that snappy. No way.


If he’s on local wifi using a web based app, then it’s possible. Assuming this person is in an office, where companies will generally shell out more for decent internet connections, I say this is certainly possible. Cover Flow and similar UI elements are pretty snappy on the iPhone 3GS, so I wouldn’t necessarily disregard it.


He’s playing with a hunk of plastic on a goddamn bluescreen! You can see it in the colour of the shadows on his fingers when he interacts with the tablet..


shouldnt the x be on the left side? apple has never had close windows on the right side….


he he he, nice one, if it is a fake, it is really nice one ;-)

it does feel like a secret demo given to happy few, with the panel in the background, describing Apple’s past project in the field … or a advertisement project/draft … it would be nice to un-blur the logo top-right … or there is nothing in the first place ? …

this nice toy is gonna be a plate full of finger greasy traces when turned back off …

By the way, you say : “The tablet isn’t doing any of the amazing things we’ve heard about, like acting as an e-reader for a new magazine format..”
I believe this is *exactly* what it is shown here… you have an interesting way to put the exact marketing words in our mouth… letting us understand that the quality we expect is “…the amazing things = an e-reader for a new magazine format.” … sounds like Viral marketing and professional opinion making … ;-)


Perhaps, but notice that a close X appears in the upper right corner instead of the left.


This is faked, looks like a somewhat clever interface built using flash. The tweens (animations) were built using some plugin like tweener.

It is not the new tablet interface.


hate the “3G” on the side. It’ll probably come with two-year contract.
Note the webcam.
it appears to be running a cross between OSX and iPhone OS.

However, it’s unlikely that this is the tablet, but at the same time slightly convincing, because it is no blurry cam or anything.

I’m putting my draws at 50/50.

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