Is Verari Shutting Down?

Verari's FOREST Container

Twitter, InsideHPC and others are indicating that blade server and storage startup Verari Systems is being shut down today. My calls to the company were answered by a receptionist named Sarah who hung up on me the first time I asked about the company’s fate, and who replied, “I have nothing to say,” before hanging up on me again when I called back. Emails to the company have not been returned. However just 10 days ago Verari said it had been selected to provide its containerized data center products for NASA’s Nebula cloud computing platform.

Verari has raised more than $54 million from investors that include Sierra Ventures, Carlyle Venture Partners, Voyager Capital and Celerity Partners. If Verari has indeed been closed, it will join the ranks of some other massively funded companies chasing a hardware dream such as SiCortex or SGI, which both were shut down this year. This has me wondering what the fates, or investors, have in store for other specialty hardware players such as BLADE Networks or Liquid Computing or some of the newer, stealthier specialty hardware companies such as SeaMicro and Smooth Stone.