Comcast’s TV Everywhere, Nowhere to Be Found


It’s officially past sundown in New York, which means the beginning of Hanukkah is upon us, which means Comcast’s On Demand Online Fancast Xfinity TV service should be up and running. Right? Well apparently not.

Comcast Interactive Media President Amy Banse caused a bit of a stir last month when she told an audience at NewTeeVee Live that the cable company’s gift of TV Everywhere to its subscribers would be able to accommodate all religious holidays, meaning that it should be available sometime before the start of the Jewish holiday. But now the holiday’s here, and (as far as we know), Comcast has yet to launch the service. So what gives?

Comcast declined to comment on the timing of the launch, saying that it would get back to us when it had something to announce. It’s probably worth noting, though, that there are eight days in the festival of lights, so it’s still possible that Comcast could launch before the end of the holiday. Stay tuned.

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They’ve got 8 crazy nights to fully deliver. By the way, it is somewhere to be found. I’ll trade you a live page with Xfinity branding and a Fancast Store closing email, for some ZNF link love. What say you? ;)

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