App Store Boasts a Fresh New Look


Frequent visitors to the App Store in iTunes will notice a new look for individual apps. Bringing more of the app “above the fold,” the new look gives more real estate to screenshots, allowing all of them to be seen at a glance or just a quick scroll away.

A nice feature is the streamlined description area, which has been “tamed” for the developers who tend to abuse the area, filling it with excessive information and keywords in an attempt to gain favor in the App Store search results. The new system truncates the description past a certain point, allowing the rest to be disclosed upon clicking a “more” link.

New App Store Look

Also highlighted along the left side is a more organized view of the specifics of the app (version, developer and rating) as well as a quick way to see the most popular apps also by the same developer.

Recommendations based on other user’s purchases are now along the bottom, augmented by the inclusion of the app’s icon, which is a nice addition.

New Visual Recommendations

At the moment, featured apps that have custom designed pages (like Twitterrific) still use the original look, but it’s likely that Apple will migrate them over to the new style soon.

For comparison, check out the screenshots below of the same app. What do you think of the new look? Does it highlight the app better? Do you find it more useful or usable?

iTunes 8 & Earlier App Store Interface

iTunes 8 & Earlier App Store Interface



How do I search all apps and not just the ones provided on the first page. I miss searching by category like, fashion, lifestyle, productivity , utilities and such.


I just don’t understand why Apple hasn’t allowed app developers to include videos of their applications. Screen shots don’t do many apps justice.


Meh. I like the way the screenshots are treated, but the first example app I looked at was confusing. The description of the app was hidden and not immediately obvious. Surely that’s a bad thing?


I like it, you can see more screen shots of the app before you buy it or download it. The screen shots help me for reviews of apps I use for my Mac blog.

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