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Broadband Content Bits: Canal+ Footy Rights; ITV Sells Shows On iTunes; PA’s Scottish Footy Deal

Canal+ football: Vivendi’s French broadcaster Canal+ has sealed the exclusive rights to show English Premier League matches live in France until 2013. The deal deals TV, online, mobile and TV catchup highlights. From

ITV: The broadcaster is to sell episodes of American drama The Vampire Diaries from Friday via iTunes, months before they are shown on UK TV in February. The shows will be available on iTunes from £1.89 immediately after they are shown on US TV, in the hope that viewers will choose the legitimate route before freeloading pirates can upload any files to BitTorrent trackers. From

Press Association: PA is to extend its minute-by-minute football reporting service to bottom three Scottish divisions, ending the employment of a number of freelance reporters in the process. PA provides live text summaries of English league matches and Scottish Premier League games for and others, via the old-fashioned practice of correspondents — often ex-players — dictating the action to copytakers via phone. Via Allmediascotland.