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Yahoo Adds Tweets to Search, But Not in Real Time

It’s really not that hard to add Twitter updates on your search page. Poof! They’re there. And you don’t even have to pay for them, provided you don’t want access to the full, so-called “Firehose” of tweets, and instead use Twitter’s public feeds. Following Google (s GOOG), Yahoo (s YHOO) said today that it’s adding tweets to the bottom of search results pages for topics it has determined as “buzzing.”

To date, Microsoft (s MSFT) (which hasn’t put Twitter results on Bing’s main search pages) and Google (which has put tweets front and center, along with updates from other services such as MySpace and Facebook Pages) have cut deals to get the Twitter Firehose, and Twitter said this week that others will be given the opportunity to pay for the full feed next year. Yahoo, which hasn’t cut such a deal, didn’t set freshness expectations too high in an emailed release, promising “some will be a minute old, while others may be hours old.”

Yahoo had previously integrated tweets into its news search. The company announced on Friday it had finalized a 10-year deal for Microsoft to power its search.

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