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Deposit Checks Without Leaving Your Office

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“Excuse me, I have to run to the bank to make a deposit.” How many times have you had to interrupt your day to make sure that checks get into your account quickly?

My company accepts credit cards, but many of our customers still prefer to pay by check — which, until now, has meant having to trek to the bank, or make a deposit by mail and waiting a couple of days for it to be processed.

Now, however, my credit union here in Seattle is offering remote deposit capture, meaning I can deposit checks by scanning them and transmitting the images through the credit union’s web site, using the My Deposit service from Ensenta. No special software is required, although a Windows app is available; the web site offers instructions on the image format needed for deposits.

Checks deposited this way show up in my online account ledger almost immediately, although funds can be held under the institution’s standard “funds availability” rules. I have not run into any fees for this service — after all, we’re doing part of what financial institutions need to do under “Check 21,” which mandates the use of electronic checks.

Remote deposit capture, under such names as My Deposit, eDeposit, and Online Deposit, seems to be widely available among credit unions and smaller banks. USAA, which caters to service members and their families, also offers a similar service under the name [email protected]. Some institutions are even offering iPhone apps (s aapl) that allow you to use the iPhone’s camera to capture check images.

Check with your credit union or bank, and ask them if they offer remote deposit services. Or search for a credit union location near you.

Do you deposit checks electronically?

9 Responses to “Deposit Checks Without Leaving Your Office”

  1. Most banks are now accepting the ACH image of the check. If your bank does not accept this, then you should create a new account at a different banks, use a check scanner to scan your checks into your new account and then sweep the funds into your old bank account. I don’t know of any bank that will not accept a funds transfer… It’s kinda the idea of banks. There is even better and more exact information at

  2. Andrew Weltchek

    I use Esquire Bank, which caters to lawyers and gives its customers a free check scanner for depositing checks. It also does not charge for wires or “foreign” ATM withdrawals. I am a big fan.

  3. Sounds pretty awesome.. Going to the bank to deposit cheques is the only part of banking that’s still a hassle – Unfortunately no banks or credit unions have that service in Australia (“Yet”, he says hopefully :)

    • I agree with Amber, USAA has been doing this for awhile. I just used the mobile feature because I seem to work at the only job that doesn’t do direct deposit. It was great! Deposited my check at 10:30PM and it showed right away in my account!