Research: Online Radio Languishing Compared With Web Video


Radio’s Rajar measuring group is nothing if not optimistic. After surveying just 977 people, who have already told it they listen to online radio, it concludes…

— “One third (33.9 percent) of the UK


Suzie Hunter

I dont know why they dont team up. They could play tv content to their music, maybe even the advertising..


I do not know who is the dumber – Rajar for putting out such statistically naive extrapolations of claimed UK population activity or the media buyers who use it as a currency. This just shows what a leap of faith media buyers make when “advising” clients where they will get the best return on their hard earned advertising spend. It beggars belief. And as for the revolution that is online advertising – that also appears to be yet another convenient con. Just who is reading/viewing the annoying advertisements strewn around random websites and to what effect? Yet more sheep, more claimed activity and more lies…….

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