Nook Fails First Test With Critics; Mossberg: ‘Wait'; Pogue: ‘Slow, Buggy’

nook Out Of The Box

It’s not that rare for Walt Mossberg and David Pogue to share some common views on new gadgets but when both of them wave you off a product, it stands out. That’s the case with the Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) Nook, which Mossberg terms “not fully baked” and Pogue labels “half-baked.”

The first versions of lots of devices can be less than compelling. Mossberg also criticized the original Kindle and Sony (NYSE: SNE) e-readers; both have improved considerably. But they also started with low barriers given the lack of competition. Nook came out of the blocks claiming to be better than Kindle and that’s a much higher hurdle to jump — and set the course for the reviews. Some excerpts:

Mossberg’s wave off was the kinder of the two: “During my tests, I found the Nook slower, more cumbersome to use and less polished than the Kindle. I ran into various crashes and bugs. And, while the Kindle

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