Nook Fails First Test With Critics; Mossberg: ‘Wait’; Pogue: ‘Slow, Buggy’


It’s not that rare for Walt Mossberg and David Pogue to share some common views on new gadgets but when both of them wave you off a product, it stands out. That’s the case with the Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) Nook, which Mossberg terms “not fully baked” and Pogue labels “half-baked.”

The first versions of lots of devices can be less than compelling. Mossberg also criticized the original Kindle and Sony (NYSE: SNE) e-readers; both have improved considerably. But they also started with low barriers given the lack of competition. Nook came out of the blocks claiming to be better than Kindle and that’s a much higher hurdle to jump — and set the course for the reviews. Some excerpts:

Mossberg’s wave off was the kinder of the two: “During my tests, I found the Nook slower, more cumbersome to use and less polished than the Kindle. I ran into various crashes and bugs. And, while the Kindle

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