Editor & Publisher To Close, After Failed Attempts To Sell It

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Along with the announcement of the sale of Nielsen Business Media’s (NBM) eight media titles, one thing was obvious: the buyer’s party didn’t want anything to do with Editor & Publisher. Neither did anyone else. After attempts to sell it going back a year, the parent has decided to pull the plug, according to a memo sent out by NBM CEO Greg Farrar, and posted on Romenesko. At one point, the company apparently also approached our parent Guardian News & Media (with the thought that it could be merged with our company ContentNext), though unclear if Guardian gave it any serious thought. E&P has its genesis back to 1884, when The Journalist, a weekly, was founded. E&P was founded seventeen years later, in 1901, and merged with The Journalist in 1907. More on Wikipedia here.

Also closing down: the old school book reviews mag Kirkus Reviews; it was founded in 1933 by Virginia Kirkus (history of it here)

Update: E&P publisher tells BusinessJournalism.org that attempts to sell the pub will continue. Greg Mitchell, E&P’s editor, voices faint hopes of a savior coming to the magazine’s rescue in an interview with CJR.

David adds: There’s still a great deal of uncertainty over how immediate E&P’s ending of operations will be. Staffers were in the process of editing the next issue and whether there will actually be one is up in the air. It’s assumed that that the website will remain live until the end of December. Staffers are looking for signs of at least salvaging the site, though hopes are not particularly high.

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