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Qwest Is Betting on New TV

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Qwest (s Q) isn’t betting on delivering an IPTV-based pay-TV service to its broadband customers because its top brass doesn’t think a pay-TV model will be around in five years. A full channel lineup plus live television just doesn’t make sense when more folks are getting their content on the web, according to Neil Cox, executive vice president of products and IT at Qwest, in a conversation yesterday at the TM Forum conference being held in Orlando, Fla.

We also talked about how Qwest plans to capitalize on the wireless boom despite not owning its own wireless service (it has a partnership with Verizon (s vz)), and how Qwest isn’t planning on any consumption-based pricing for broadband anytime soon. Check it out.

4 Responses to “Qwest Is Betting on New TV”

  1. Pay-TV won’t be around in 5 years? Are they serious?

    By far the most rudderless RBOC out there. They were early leaders in IPTV in 1998 (the first RBOC to roll out IPTV) and wireless in the 90s, but sold off all their assets and took on a ton of debt under Nacchio, from which they’re still trying to recover.

  2. Qwest sucks. My only 2 broadband choices in Seattle are Qwest and Comcast and they are both steaming piles of sh*t. The absolute fastest service I can get at any price is 2.5 Mbps. I hate them with a passion I normally reserve for those who club baby seals with homeless puppies.