Mobile Tech Minutes: HTC HD2 on Video


The HTC HD2 is a brilliant piece of hardware, as you will see in this video. The Qualcomm (s qcom) Snapdragon 1 GHz processor does a masterful job handling the processing and providing fluid graphics on the giant 4.3-inch screen. In the video you will get an overview of the hardware, and a complete look at both Windows Mobile 6.5 (s msft) and the HTC Sense interface. You’ll get a glimpse at the new Windows Marketplace, too.

Some owners of the HD2 are reporting a bug in the camera that HTC has indicated will be fixed with a software update. I had not seen the red tint issue prior to shooting this video, but as can be seen, it is present. I was surprised to see the issue arise when previously it had not appeared, so I tested the camera after the video ended. I am happy to report that the issue is gone, so I believe the red tinting seen in the video is the result of the bright studio lighting I was using to record the video. Under normal lighting there is no tinting, but it’s definitely there under very bright light conditions.


Studio Kits

Nice video, James!
I’m really curious to see some pictures taken from the HD2. The red tint issue looks really annoying to me even if it appears only with studio lighting… It looks like a bug to me?


Htc hd 2 is one of the best win mo phones i have ever use.
You just need to play around with the rom,debrand…,remove network restriction,and will rock!


Has anyone with a Sling Media Sling Box HD Pro-300 placeshiftered any HD content from their HD Satalite stb or HD cable/ Fibros slung to the HTC HD-2 via Sling Media Winmo software version for winmo Phones ??? with a good 3g signal you should technically get all HD satalite stations timeshifterd from your home satalite stb to high res display of the HD-2 and all carriers other than At&T all unlimited data plans and placeshifting to co-exhist

Any reports would be intersting to read, this will of course be my first project with my HTC HD-2

The Sling Community will support the HTC HD-2 if the Winmo/sling media mobile software works well placveshifting HD content to HD-2’s large higres display…



Nice video. Thanks, James. I think this will be my next New Toy. I really dig the text reflowing on Opera. Having to scroll back and forth when zoomed in just kills web browsing for me on every device I’ve used so far.

James Kendrick

I just applied it and when I have a bit of time I’ll fire up that studio lighting and test it again. Hopefully no more pink. :) I should mention that the camera quality is outstanding other than the pink hue think which I am sure is due to super bright light conditions.


James, does the version of Opera on the HD2 have Turbo? If so that would be the reason for the massive difference in performance compared to Internet Explorer as Opera with Turbo has server side caching.


Turbo isn’t switched on by default. I haven’t tried it on mine but I believe you need to activate it in opera:config. Internet Explorer is just pretty poor in WinMo6.5.


Thats pretty amazing the difference in rendering times, imagine what the difference would be with server side caching enabled!

James Kendrick

I have tried to oil it, but it is still creaky. The chair is 15 years old but a very comfortable ergonomic chair so I am reluctant to replace it. :)


get some tri-flow lubricant and spray into the correct spots, you will get rid of the noise for a very very long time.

Faeiz Hindi

I think those tests you did were over wifi, no? You said “Verizon” at one point but maybe you were referring to your broadband connection. This is definitely a GSM version, correct?

James Kendrick

I was using the Verizon 3G network on the MiFi, connecting the HD2 to it over Wi-Fi. It was a 3G connection, and as I said, the phone is the GSM European version.


Nice vid, and i’d say the reason that video wasn’t loading was because it wasn’t youtube and if i had to guess that your all’s wordpress video player requires flash 10, which flash light isn’t able to do. Idk just a guess, keep up the good work :)

James Kendrick

The video I was trying to load was a YouTube video, not our own. It plays sometimes in IE, but not always. It is not consistent is the problem.

Jose R. Ortiz

Nice vid. BTW, the reason why you’re getting edge only is because the HD2 does not support the 850 band for at&t. also, it does have predictive text, you just have to enable it. i’ve had mine for just over 24 hours and i’m finding it hard to swap into the n900 i have sitting on my desk.

Studley Doright

Cannot wait for that hardware to become available with Android 2.x, that will be awesome. As for Windoze on a phone, well that is just so wrong on so many levels, at least HTC cleaned up the top-level interface and made it more useful. As for all those legacy WinMo apps, most are stylus-driven menu-galore garbage apps. Nice Hardware, but craptastic OS makes this particular phone a no go.


winmo, other than the ui, is the most advanced mobile os, nothing comes close.


So James, ready to dump that iphone? Hope the HD2 comes to AT&T, but rumor has it going to T-Mobile.


Yeah, certainly looks feasible… but the current version does not work with 3G in th US :-(

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