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iPhone Informer — Touching the iPhone This Week

Time for our Wednesday feature that highlights some of the latest iPhone news! Earlier this week, I noticed that the ZumoDrive application for iPhone received an update. The new version adds quite a bit of valuable functionality: support for iWork 09 and plain text files for starters and more important — to me, anyway — are upgrades to the streaming music functionality.

I store MP3 files on my ZumoDrive in the cloud. Using the iPhone app, I can stream that audio, but the client previously was pretty bare-bones. Now you can seek to any position in a song while it’s playing. At some point, ZumoDrive added support for album art too — I’m not sure if that just appeared in this version or a prior one, but it’s there now. I originally used this method to “carry” my 11 GB music library on my 8 GB iPhone, but I’m still using it from time to time on the iPhone 3GS. While many folks sync their entire music library on the handset’s local storage, I’m not a big “syncher,” so this method works out well.

Also hitting the headlines this week are more recurring rumors of a giant iPhone-like slate tablet. I’ve tried to refrain on these rumors lately but as CES approaches, I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll hear anything official from Apple on such a product or platform next month. That would put the rumors to rest — finally — and give us a glimpse of where Apple might be headed with any potential new products. With Cupertino so heavily invested in both audio and video digital media, I’d gather that any product would focus mainly on content consumption.

Speaking of content, you can now broadcast your own, thanks to Ustream’s iPhone broadcast application for the iPhone 3G and 3GS handsets. Expect only a QVGA stream and a few second delay if you decide to use your iPhone as a live video camera for all the world to see. The new free app also includes support for video sharing via YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as well as video geotagging and usage over either 3G or Wi-Fi.