6 Killer Extensions for Google Chrome

On the heels of delivery of Mac and Linux beta versions of the open-source Chrome browser, Google (s goog) is out with its Chrome Extensions Gallery. For now, the gallery houses only extensions that work with the Windows and Linux versions of the browser, but support in the Mac and Linux versions will happen. Useful browser extensions, of course, are among the key reasons that many people favor Mozilla’s open-source Firefox browser over others. Google’s browser could be much more widely adopted if developers of Firefox extensions deliver their add-ons for Chrome.

I’ve been pleased to find a number of my favorite Firefox extensions available in the new gallery. The following are six of them that can help you get much more out of Chrome, including extensions for making life with Google’s own applications easier. (Note that you must have the latest beta version of Chrome to work with these, and it’s available here.)

iMacros. This extension for Chrome looks and works exactly like the hugely popular iMacros extension for Firefox. It lets you easily record repetitive actions, such as loading groups of tabbed sites that you use all day, and then play them back with the click of just one button. OStatic has a complete visual tour of how to use the Firefox version here.

Xmarks. If you’re a longtime Firefox user, you probably already use the Xmarks bookmarking and synchronization extension. Now it’s available for Chrome. As jkOnTheRun has noted, Xmarks can revolutionize the way you work.

Google Apps Shortcuts. This is a simple extension that lets you get at Google Apps with one mouse click. You can jump right to documents, spreadsheets, presentations or Gmail, for example, as seen at left.

ChromeMilk. RememberTheMilk has been a popular online to-do list manager for years, and is now available as an extension for Chrome, dubbed ChromeMilk. It lets you access your to-do tasks right from Chrome’s toolbar.

One Number. This extension lets you keep an eye on incoming traffic to Gmail, Google Reader, Google Voice and Google Wave. It’s an all-in-one dashboard, as seen here.

AdBlock. Ask some Firefox users what their favorite extension is, and they’ll say AdBlock Plus. It removes all kinds of ad-oriented annoyances from your browsing experience, and this version for Chrome carries over all the features from the Firefox extension.