Mobile Content Bits: Greystripe Android Ads; Skyfire WinMo Browser; SMS In NYC


Greystripe launches Android Ads: Greystripe said it is now delivering ads to Android so developers can monetize their applications. The Casual Games Network, Adam Schmelzle and Jump Games have signed up. Greystripe believes that the ad-supported model will do well, given that Android users have been reluctant to adopt Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Checkout and pay for apps. Greystripe supports pre-roll, interstitial and post-roll inventory. [Greystripe]

Skyfire launches WinMo browser: Mountain View, Calif-based Skyfire is launching its Skyfire browser version 1.5 for Windows Mobile today. The new version includes support for high-resolution screens, a more finger-friendly UI, crisper text, smoother zooming and a full-screen mode. []

NYC SMS Alerts: Sybase 365 has partnered with New York State Emergency Management Office to roll-out the largest U.S. text-messaging offering. State agencies, county and local governments, emergency service agencies and others can provide alerts to defined audiences via text messages. Alerts include major road closures, weather events and other security actions. Release.

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