Google Chrome for Mac Finally Arrives, With Themes, Without Extensions


I just got back from a long drive — more on why later today — and see that Google Chrome for Mac is officially available in beta form. To be honest, I’ve been using the development builds as well as the nightly versions of Chromium for Mac, so this isn’t much of a leap for me. I did install it on my Mac (s aapl) however, just to keep up with the official version. Support for themes is baked in and I’ve installed one already, but if I notice any slowdown from Chrome, the theme will be the first thing to go. People keep asking why even use Google Chrome (s goog) since it’s not nearly as extensible as Firefox — it’s all in the speed, which I value over all other extra browser features, especially when on a slower mobile broadband connection.

With this beta build of Chrome for Mac, there’s no support for bookmark synchronization, which is a bit of a let-down. I’ve already used that feature in ChromeOS on my netbook and it’s there in Chrome for Windows as well. Hopefully, we see that get added soon. Also in the works are extensions for Chrome, much like those for Firefox, but extensions are also specific to Chrome for Windows as of now. The Apple Blog points out a few other missing features: 64-bit support, App Mode, Gears and multi-touch support. The first two items aren’t deal-breakers for me, but I’d really like to see offline and multi-touch gesture support sooner rather than later.

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