Dragon Dictate Hits the iPhone for Free

Nuance knows dictation, as it produces Dragon NaturallySpeaking, arguably the best speech-recognition program on any platform. It’s now leveraging that expertise in an interesting way, by releasing Dragon Dictate for the iPhone. The free app allows the creation of email and text messages by voice, simply by speaking them into the app. Dictation can also be done into the clipboard for including the text into any app.

Those familiar with speech recognition like that used by Dragon Dictate are aware of the stiff processor requirements the technology brings. Nuance is getting around that by having the recognition done on its servers, thus avoiding any special requirements on the phone. The dictation only takes a few seconds to get to the servers and back, on either Wi-Fi or 3G.

I have been using it this morning, and I am impressed with the accuracy I am getting. Most dictation arrives on the iPhone error-free, as long as the environment is not too noisy.