A Web Worker's Grown Up Christmas List

One of my favorite holiday songs is “Grown Up Christmas List.” Amy Grant sings about all the things that she wants for Christmas that can’t be wrapped in a box. Her list, of course, is full of grand altruistic dreams such as peace and love for the whole world.

Well, this web worker has a grown up Christmas list, too. And if your jaded heart is overloaded on holiday peace and love this season already, I promise you there isn’t an altruistic wish in the bunch.


Especially because I own my own business, it feels like I always have more ideas than I have time to execute them. There are so many avenues and possibilities to explore in my business. It feels like even if each day were 48 hours long I still wouldn’t have enough time to do everything I want to do.

If you could somehow figure out how to put more hours in a day or days in a week, Santa, it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe then I’d even have time to write you a thank you note.


Since I have so many more ideas than I could ever execute, it would be nice if I could devote my time to only the ones that are sure-fire winners. But to do that, I’d need to see the future (or be Warren Buffett).

What I could really use, Santa, are psychic powers or a time machine. Or maybe you could lend me your reindeer Lightning, the one in “Elmo Saves Christmas” who can fly so fast he can skip through time?


Many of us who are web workers are working at jobs that didn’t exist ten, or even five, years ago. That can lead to some blank stares and awkward silences in response when we try to tell someone what we do. “You do what using what?”

Perhaps worse, it can cause a lack of respect for our jobs since many people don’t respect what they don’t understand. Our families ask when we are going to get a “real job”  (meaning one they can understand that will impress their friends) even while we are earning six-figure incomes.

So, dear Santa, could you please give the world a crash course in Web 2.0 business and economics?


I keep hearing how geeks are cool, but I’ve seen little real evidence of it in my interaction with the world (see the above wish). Sure, Jimmy Fallon had the Diggnation guys on his show and Gary Vaynerchuk is crushing it, but what about the rest of us? Most of the non-geek world really just thinks of Twitter as an interactive pocket protector.

Real geek cool would be getting invited to velvet rope parties, not just to people’s houses when they need free tech support. Or how about a reality show on Bravo called “The Real Social Media Consultants of San Fran?” Figure out a way to make geeks truly cool, Santa, and I’ll get you set up with your own blog and iPhone app. Then you’ll be cool, too.

I stopped believing in Santa long ago (she should have done a better job at disguising her handwriting, is all I’m saying). But that doesn’t stop me from having wishes this time of year. Maybe, with the passage of time, some of them might even come true someday.

What are your grown-up holiday wishes?